Komodo and Sumbawa, Indonesia

Komodo manta magic

Reef manta rays cruise near coral in Takat Makassir, Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

Manta ray magic

Manta rays cruise over a cleaning station at Takat Makassir, Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

Volcano dive, Sumbaw...

Divers explore the volcanic underwater world of Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Anemonefish, Pulau S...

Anemonefish, Pulau Satonda

Pulau Satonda coral

Underwater environment, Pulau Satonda, Indonesia

Pulau Satonda coral...

Colourful coral, Pulau Satonda, Indonesia

Volcano dive, Sumbaw...

A scuba diver observes the gases emerging from underwater vents alongside a Sumbawa volcano.

Sumbawa volcano

Gases escape through underwater vents alongside a volcano in Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Tetawa Besar

Tetawa Besar's beautiful underwater world, Komodo National Park, Indonesia.